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Nintendo 64 - Beetle Adventure Racing and GoldenEye 007 - ARG Presents 72

DEM BOYS are back with Episode 72 of ARG Presents! This time out, we take a look at the Nintendo 64! Was this a success? How'd it sell? We'll take a look at the history of the system, and then we'll weigh in on a couple standout games! Join us as we take on Beetle Adventure Racing and the legendary GOLDENEYE!
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Monday, June 10, 2019

Pack-In Games! Atari 5200 and Sega Saturn ARG Presents 71

Greetings programs! It's Amigo Aaron and THE BRENT back again this week with another ARG Presents! This time out, join the boys as we discuss the best (and worst) pack-in games! Then we go to WAR as we tangle with the Atari 5200 pack-in SUPER BREAKOUT and the SEGA last ditch effort pack-in, the TRIPLE PACK!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Text Adventures! Nord and Bert and Trinity ARG Presents 70

Clean you glasses and turn up the brightness on that amber monochrome monitor, it's TEXT ADVENTURE TIME! For BIG Episode 70 of ARG Presents, Amigo Aaron and THE BRENT get to typing as they try out 2 text adventure games from the masters of the craft, INFOCOM! Turn your imaginations to 11 for Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It and TRINITY!
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Electronic Board Games - Dungeons and Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game and Dark Tower - ARG Presents Volume 66

This week on a VERY special ARG Presents, THE BRENT and Amigo Aaron invite you to sit back and relax around the old gaming table, as we have a look at the very best in Electronic Board games! Look on in amazement as we tackle Dungeons And Dragons Computer Labyrinth and Dark Tower!
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Sega Saturn - Steep Slope Sliders and Galactic Attack - ARG Presents Volume 64

The ARG crew is back at it! This time around, we take a close look at one of the most misunderstood and mishandled consoles of all time...the Sega Saturn. We'll look back what made the Saturn great...and ultimately what we think KILLED the Saturn. Then, join us as we have a look at Steep Slope Sliders and Galactic Attack!
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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Coleco Adam Computer - Dragon's Lair and Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress - ARG Presents Volume 63

Welcome to a rainy day edition of ARG Presents! This week we take the look at one of the great failed computers of all times...a computer that destroyed a successful company utterly. This week, prepare yourself for the COLECO ADAM! The BRENT and Amigo Aaron tackle Adam games Dragon's Lair and Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress!
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Mouse Games - Shufflepuck Cafe' and Mario and Wario - ARG Presents Volume 60

Welcome to HUGE Volume 60 of ARG PRESENTS! This time out, Amigo Aaron and THE BRENT tackle MOUSE based games! First we take a look at consoles that had a mouse and how much support they received. Then it's game time as we look at Shufflepuck Cafe' on the Commodore Amiga and Mario and Wario for the Super Famicom!
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